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Hello Dr Berger. I'm 42 and have short sight. I paint miniature figures for a hobby - they're about 1.25 inches high. I find that after a short time painting I get disturbances in my central vision. It can best be described as being pixelated - like blurry but not dark. this effect can last for some time after I finish painting. It's almost like when you look at a bright light and the image stays for a while afterwards.
I got my eyes checked by an optician, with retinal photographs being taken, but everything appeared fine. He suggested it may be some sort of migraine. How do you think I should proceed - should I see an optometrist or a neurologist??

many thanks,

The Nearpoint strain of working on small detail like 1 inch figures, might be the trigger that is
Precipitating your apparent ocular migraine.  Before seeing a neurologist , trying getting prescription eyeglasses from your optometrist for all your close work . That should do
The trick.  Good luck

Dr Berger  

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