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Hi Mitchell,
Perhaps you can help me.

Iím looking for a pair of prescription glasses that are wrap-around, regular indoor clear glass that will turn into sunglasses when outside in the sun, wraparound because Iím looking for no or as little visible light. Iím also not adverse to clip on sunglasses for that extra light blocking.

Iíd like to block UV Rays, 99%
Photochromic = auto-darken
Impact and scratch resistant.

I prefer glass because they donít get scratched and the auto-darken works in the car. The weight never bothered me. That said I read that NXT Polyurethane would be the next best.

Iím looking for brown tint because I believe I will still be able to see true colors, (brown-gray-green tints)

Rubber nose and ear pieces, keeps from sliding

Metal frame or wire-plastic so I can easily adjust it. I like long stems that bend downward or in an L-shape down the ear so they never fall off my face.

I was thinking of a frame like Maui Jim 103 Stingray.

Do such a pair of glasses and frames exist, or am I asking for too much.

I currently wear glass auto-dark wire frame glasses, and have had them for about 5+ years. I also use clip-on sunglasses on top of the auto-dark outside. Theyíre okay, but now I feel like I know more of what I want from a pair of glasses and my prescription changed, so itís time for new.
I am nearsighted.

Your thoughts and suggestions?
Thank you,

Hi Randy,
You ask many questions and I only have a few comments. Most of your issues should be addressed best by opticians familiar with their current lens options.  First, asking for impact and scratch resistance is not going to get either at their best, as plastic lenses scratch but are safer. If you asked me for an impact resistant lens, I would not sell glass, even if you waived rights. Second, any photochromic or plastic lens will filter almost all UV, but if it's glass without photochromic you'll need a UV coating.  Polarization is emotional as some like its properties and some don't and none of them work well behind a plastic laminated windshield.  I can't help with any of the frame questions, sorry.
Best of luck,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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