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I'm a 63 yr old female.  Over a month ago, my progressive lens were replaced (under warrantee) due to a long scratch.  Same measurements and prescription, have been back 2x for adjustments.  These are very uncomfortable to wear especially the right eye.   OD:  -7.75, OS:  -8.50.  

Your thoughts on what the problem may be?

Hi Kathy,
Besides the power of the lenses, assuming they are correct, the optician has to be sure the fitting measurements are exactly right and the lenses are the same brand and model and material that you had previously.  The frames also have to be adjusted just right.  There are so many factors that affect how the vision feels aside from the sharpness of vision. You just have to go back to the optician and, making sure you are talking to a licensed optician, make sure that all those factors be considered.
Thank you,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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