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Will using a magnifying glass to read make my eyes lazy? I am a healthy woman, age 67, don't need much correction. My Rx is Right eye -.25 -.50 x 105, left eye +1.5 -.75 x 135. I can read most things easily. However, for very small print (phone book white pages, for example) it's a whole lot easier with a magnifying glass.

My husband of 45 years claims this will make my eyes lazy and lead to needing stronger glasses. Is he correct?


hi Jo, Your husband is wrong, but it is a common misconception.  Please search the word 'presbyopia' and learn that it is due the normal and unavoidable and necessary change to the eye's lens, which hardens over our life and eventually becomes opaque: then called a cataract, it is removed and replaced. You can use cheap reading glasses as they allow hands-free near vision with both eyes. It's just small magnifiers in a glasses frame instead of on a handle.  Usually the hand magnifier is stronger but the strongest readers are pretty strong. just choose the power that gives comfortable and clear vision at your chosen viewing distance. You could also get prescription readers that would be best and more accurate.  even if you try the weakest readers you'll find they make near vision much better.
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