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Right eye swollen eyelid
Right eye swollen eyel  

Right eye underneath eyelid
Right eye underneath e  
Hi doctor I m female and 17 and a half yrs old. Just yesterday I noticed it that my eyelid was a bit painful and red also my eye was red in which I started having problems with not being able to see clearly even with my glasses. Today my vision is back to normal but there are times in which I have to really adjust my eyes just to see. The problem is that my eyelid is getting extremely painful, red, swollen and I can feel a lump underneath iit. As shown in the photo.  This is my right eye the worst of my vision as my prescription for this eye is 4 and my left is only 1.  Can I really please ask how can I treat this, how long would it take before it goes away and what it could be?

hi Jenny,
Probably it is a stye, or hordeolum.  The eye doesn't look too red and the lid doesn't look very swollen, so I would use warm water soaks/compresses more than several times per day and it should resolve in a week or less though you may have a residual painless bump for a while until it gets smaller.  if however, it gets worse or the lid swells more then you will need to see your eye doctor. It shouldn't make your eye blurry, so that may be your needing new glasses...if your eye is blurrier from this bump incident and not coincidental then again, you need to see your eye doctor.
Hope that helps,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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