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"Hello there and how are you? I have recently had vision correction with lasik on 12th of August. But before, I was treated for dry eyes prior to surgery. My previous vision was -7.50 in contacts and somewhere around -8s' in glasses. After surgery, I went to my next day appointment where I was told that I have 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other. Suddenly, my vision started to fluctuate a few days later. My vision started to go in and out just like a camera trying focus on a picture(it'll go blur and try to focus to get a sharper image.) I had another visit with my doctor where I was told that I had the same results in readings. I explained about the blur vision and was told that it was due to dry eyes. He released mE back to work told me to continue using the prednisolone(pink top), artificial tears and refresh p.m. But it seems like the fluctuation has gotten worse. Can't function on my job or see. I called the doctor again and was reminded again that its dry eyes. I'm lost and confused. What to do? Is it dry eyes or more?"

Dear Cornell,

Do not worry.
The vision fluctuations are common when one starts to work, esp if the work is computer driven.
This also has to do with neuro-adaptation the brain has to achieve with the 'new vision'.

Yes, dryness may play a role.

Some tips to help you tide over the next few eeks (as fluctuations stabilize over weeks post LASIK, but the frequency decreases over time, maximum is 3 months)

1. make sure that lighting at place of work is adequate, no reflection should fall on the screen, e.g you should be facing the window, and not back to window, otherwise your shadow falls on the PC
2. use the Refresh tears just before work, and repeat as you feel the need. There is no real overdose with this.
3. Take frequent breaks from the PC

just hang in there, this will settle down.

Anand Shroff, MS (OPHTH)

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