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Hello. I am a mail carrier who needs her first pair of glasses. I've been using 2.00 readers at home. I can see far away fine. My question is, what should I get to combat going in and out of businesses, sunshine and fluorescent light, so I can read addresses but still see where I'm going.

Hi Deana,
You may need more than one pair of glasses depending on the lighting.  A simple bifocal with auto darkening/lightening photochromic lenses may work, but you may want to consider other options.  It's best to visit an optician or two to fully discuss the pros and cons of the various lens types.  For quick light/dark lenses like going in and out of places separate clip ons or flips may work as waiting for auto darkening may take longer than you want.  On the other hand, hassling with additional pairs or clip-ons etc. may not be welcome either.  There's no perfect solution, sorry.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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