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Is it known why things would suddenly appear much smaller?  From June to September (in the 1970's), driving kids to school, the building looked 1/3 the size it should be, and a can of soup appeared to be a new, smaller size, but felt the same in my hand.  When driving, it was not safe to pass another car because I could not judge distance.  Almost home, I thought Iíd taken a wrong turn because the overpass was too small Ė but it was right place.

An Ophthalmologist at that time said he'd never had a patient to notice things being smaller and was no help. I ran across macropsia so looked for micropsia and found it, but no cause or suggestions.

I've adjusted to this, but it has happened again, twice, and now there's a question of being able to renew my driver's license.  Vision in left eye must be 20/40 (20/50).

Vision was 20/10 and 10/15 in 1960's.  It's still clear other than seeing a second and sometimes third item overlying each other.  The second outline is a little above and to the right of the first, with sometimes a third one out to the right side.  I do buy dime-store glasses for reading.     I have bought several prescription glasses, but can see better without them. (Lazy left eye that goes off and on may be why the prescriptions have been wrong.)

I was told I had a "touch of macular degeneration" in 1988, but found Ocuvite, and the lines straightened out.  I've since been told I don't have any macular degeneration, but do have some early cataracts and to eat a lot of greens, which I do, and continue to take Ocuvite off and on.

Now I must bring vision in left eye to 20/40, and Optometrist recommended cataract removal. The reason I couldnít read the 20/40 line is there was a second image overlying the first, and I couldnít tell what the image should be.  Both were of the same density.   My concern is, if they can't prescribe glasses I can see out of, I hate to do something permanent that I can't lay aside if it's wrong.    

I donít see the haze I would expect with a cataract,  and most vision is clear even when there are two overlapping.  My primary care  physician recommended a neuro-ophthalmologist, but that appointment never materialized (There are three in Dallas area).  

I really donít know where to go, or who to ask - Should I try again for neuro-ophthalmologist? have the cataract surgery?  Try for Texas Retina?  

Is there a way to reverse the micropsia?  Is double vision from a cataract?  

I would very much appreciate any direction or suggestions you can give me because Iím really at a loss as to what to do.  My vision is clear enough, but with  everything appearing smaller,  Iím not doing so well with the eye chart.

Thanks again for your help.

Dear Lee,

Thank you for the detailed email describing your condition.
There are many issues here and hence I shall be honest with is rather difficult for me to comment on the cause.

From the sound of it, I lean more towards the cataract rather than micropsia.

However, only a good ophthalmologist should be able to help you.

There is no point in seeing a neuro ophthlmologist at this stage when there is a doubtful diagnosis of cataract. You first need to find out the current situation in regards to that.A good ophthalmologist will be able to give you a clear idea regarding this.

I have heard of Kleiman -Evangilista practice in Dallas, but do not have any personal first-hand experience with them.

Let me know what the current ophthalmology report says. You may scan and email the same to

Hope this helps,


Anand Shroff

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