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Dear Dr. Wojciak,
I just got new glasses and I'm not sure about this whole concept. I'm 29 years old. When I was a kid, I had 20/10 vision. My wife encouraged me to go get my eyes checked because I've been having horrible headaches and eye strain due to the heavy amounts of reading and computer work since I started college over a year ago. As it turns out, I still have 20/10 vision in my left eye, but things appear a little blurry up close (I never noticed it until my recent eye exam). My right eye cannot see distances, but it can focus sharply on items right in front of me, within 10 feet. (This I also did not notice until my eye exam). I notice it all the time now when I close one eye and look at something through the other. But when both of my eyes are open, I can see everything just fine!
The doctor said I have astigmatism in my left eye and prescribed glasses. He said my distance eye compensates for the nearsighted eye and vice-versa, which is why I never noticed it. So the frames I picked out were too small for my temples and so everything looked distorted. I got another pair with the correct temple size, but everything still looks skewed at a distance, they only help me when reading a book or doing computer work. But I can function just as well without them. Only today, I started noticing that objects are beginning to look skewed when I take them off!
From everything I've researched online, it seems that it is "normal" for your eyes to take time to adjust to the new glasses. Now, I'm disconcerted by this if I could see fine without glasses, if everything looks skewed when I first start wearing them, if my eyes have to "adjust" to the new corrective lenses, and my natural vision worsens when I don't use the glasses, then why do I need them in the first place??? Why is it a bad thing if I'm farsighted in one eye and nearsighted in the other? It seems that my vision was fine before I started wearing them. When I put them on it was worse - at first. But, like I said, today I noticed that my natural vision is beginning to look distorted when I take them off. This really concerns me.
Thanks! I look forward to your reply.

There is too much for me to address here without access to all you exam information.  Most of what you are saying in regards to the glasses is "normal".  Astigmatism can be a difficult thing to adjust to...as well as understand how it works.   
I would recommend call wherever it was you got your glasses and request to have the doctor recheck you rather than just talk to the techs.  In some cases adjustments in the prescription may be appropriated.
Lastly, certain plastic lenses make it more difficult to adjust to the glasses.  Again, much of this depends on your Rx.
Hope this helps a bit,
Dr. Mike

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