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I am having trouble with an old pair of trifocals. The distance part of the script goes back 8+ yrs. Even 8 years ago I tested different for distance but I insisted they change the script to the previous even older one that worked better. So my distance part of the script is very old.

This script is no longer working for me. I went to a new eye care association and was tested. They have checked and rechecked me three times and changed the script on the new glasses twice. I still have problems seeing ( been 1 week). They have run out of ideas. How long can it take to adjust to a change from a very old script to a new one? Everyone online says a week at most. Have you ever heard of someone passing the office exam but having trouble with the new script for more than a week? How long should I wait before I panic? I'm having trouble enough that I cant drive more than a few miles with the new glasses.

Thanks for any help

ANSWER: Hi Leonard,
it's a tough problem. Not knowing anything about your prev rx, current rx, changed rx's, age, etc. I don't know anything.  But I can tell you there is a difference between clear and comfortable vision for some.  There can be a lot of problems not from the rx but from other lens design and material parameters also.  So there's a lot to consider, but give it a couple of more weeks.  It is my experience that your brain can adapt to anything.
Best of luck,
Mitch Axelrod,OD

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QUESTION: Here is more information. Does it give you any additional ideas?

Old script; 5/29/09

DV  OD  +.50 sphere    -275 cylinder    37 axis
   OS  PLANO          -275 CYL         140 AXIS

NV  OD   +200   OS +200


RIGHT  -1.25 SPHERE   +2.75 CYL  125 AXIX   ADD2.50
LEFT   -2.25 SPHERE   +3.00 CYL   55 AXIS   ADD 2.50

mY AGE IS 57

Hi again, remember there's more to it than the numbers. increasing the power changes the curve and thickness which imparts a change to the vision.  you have been increased 1 to 1.5D in power and that can be a lot to get used to.  You didn't include the 'redos' so I don't know what all the editions were.  If you got progressives, there will also be a change in distortions in the sides.  So as it is, between the two  rxs, you could adapt if it was accurate and balanced, but not if it too strong or unbalanced.  I'm sure the doctor is working hard to fix this and is aware of all this, so it's too bad it is a hard case.  I hope you understand some of the issues but I can't remedy it from here.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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