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My name is Leanne and I have a concern about my vision. I am 26 years old and currently wear contacts and glasses as I have always been nearsighted, but I've noticed over the last week that my eyes have hard a harder time focusing on objects close up when I wear my glasses/contacts, especially if I use my smartphone a bit too much. It doesn't do it consistently, like for example a few hours earlier today I was having troubles, but currently I can see objects clearly close up just fine. It seems to happen quicker if I use my smartphone for too long. I felt like I was straining my eye this past week too, as i was on vacation and using my smartphone often to communicate, and I've always had a bad habit of holding my smartphone about 2 inches from my face. One day in particular I felt like I had developed a headache from looking at my phone too much, and after that is when I started noticing that my vision was changing (I now hold my phone much further away from my face). If I look at my phone too much now, my vision starts to go blurry again.
Is there any reason why over this past week my vision could change like this? I'm also wondering why it's not consistent, and if it could be related from straining my eye by using my phone too much.
Thank you for any information you might have.

Dear Leann it is obvious you are experiencing accommodative or focusing weakness .the eyestrain that you're getting is from using your cell phone too often,too long ,and reading too close .you may need a corrective lens to correct for that ,along with limiting your use on the phone.  It is not unusual to need a different power lens for your near focusing as compared to your distance viewing . Often times multifocal or progressive lenses are prescribed . You may also be experiencing oculomotor dysfunction such as esophoria or esophoria. in either case you need to get that checked out , properly diagnosed and treated.  Good luck.   Dr Berger  

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