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Ophthalmology & Optometry/Ball of light in peripheral vision. What is it? First time.


Ok so I was just minding my own business when suddenly my right eye had a floating BALL of light. It came from the top then the bottom. It was in my peripheral vision. My eyes are floater filled maybe say out of 100% maybe say 35% filled. I'm only 16 and have noticed my floaters since last May. They don't actually dramatically increase heck I don't even know if mine increased. My ophtha appointment will be next week so yeah.
Help me! I wa sick to my stomach when I saw that ball of light because its my first time encountering that.

I am so terrified right now! I don't want a retinal detachment/tear :'(

The retinal detachment or tear will
Be the two things your eye doctor will rule out upon your examination  the floaters in the vitreous may indeed be the " ball of light" as you describe when light reflects off of them .  Or they can come from arteriolar spasm , smoking, excessive caffeine consumption, stress , etc.  PVDs ( posterior vitreous detachment) can also cause this visual phenomena .   Let me know what you doctor says.  Good luck. Dr Berger

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