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After struggling of late with very outdated glasses I decided it was time to get a new rx.  I'm a full time plus lens glasses wear for work (where everything I do is up close), but have struggled for years with progressives for regular wear. For years I had two pair...one for distance and one for near because I didn't want to be in bifocals in my late teens, twenties or thirties. I finally gave in to bifocals, then progressives due to the ever increasing add. I wear the progressives always to drive, but just live in a blur most of the rest of the time.  Vanity gets the best of me , as the glasses look horrible, so I'll wear my  contacts but they're quite outdated yet I rely on them tremendously because I don't love wearing my glasses, especially socially.   It's not that I neglect my vision....quite the contrary. It's just that I have a very hard time getting a good everyday rx.  Fast forward to my recent exam and new rx.  For your information, here is the rx;
O.D. +1.75, -1.75, 70 (bcva 20/20)
O.S. -0.75, -3.75, 175. (Bcva 20/60)
Add O.U. +3.00
And if this doesn't solve the issues I've been experiencing with focusing my eyes together then I am to return to have a +3 base up prism placed in the left lens.

The rx is for glasses only. I know I need them. Badly.  And I'll wear them. Full time near vision glasses for work!But I don't want to wear glasses all the rest of the time and really want contacts again.  And I'll gladly get into my glasses at night or when I'm not so worried about my esthetic appearances because as is evidenced by the rx, the differences between my two eyes make for some very unattractive glasses, where one eye is magnified and the other minimized greatly. But I was told that no, because of my astigmatism amounts and axis, because I am nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other and because of my add that there are no contacts I can wear. The concerns were that they'd rotate greatly providing less than ideal vision,and the hat they'd become dry during the day and that one would need to be especially thick and thereby unwearable. I begged. And pleaded. And was told no.  

I am truly at a point where I cannot comfortably go without correction ever and find that I'm reaching for my glasses constantly. I really really need them, but can't get used to how the lenses look when I see myself. I really want contacts to wear all the time.  But to be told I cannot get contacts, that I cannot wear them  was disheartening and surprising.  Is this absolutely so, or are there some contacts out there that might be okay for my visual needs? I honestly don't need perfect vision when wearing them and would settle for less than perfect so long as I'm in contacts.  I had hard ones when I was younger, then torics then disposables with glasses over them. I'll try anything, if there is something out there to correct my vision!  Thanks so very much for your time and for any suggestions you may offer.

Dear Lisa,

Considering your concern about your esthetic appearance, your Rx and Dryness I would suggest you to go for RGP corneal contact lenses, in case you find them uncomfortable then CORNEAL-LIMBLE or SCLERAL RGP lenes would definitely be comfortable.  These lenses are available in single vision Rx and in bifocal as well in some countries.
All of your corneal astigmatism could be corrected with these lenses. In case bifocal contact lenses are not available , you may use reading glasses over your contacts.


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