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Last September 2014, I got my eye prescription at one location. December, a month ago, I bought my glasses at a different location. Both locations are clinics, not online.

I received new glasses yesterday. Immediately upon wearing the glasses, it appears as if I am looking through a fishbowl. Everything curves up to the center point of my vision - for example, it looks like the floor curves and there is a huge bulge in the floor. I experimented and closed one eye, then the other other. When I look through only my left eye, everything flattens back out within a few seconds and my vision is normal. When I look through only my right eye, everything is also clear and normal and flat (not fishbowl/walleye vision).

Each place is claiming that they are correct. The place I was examined says my prescription is correct, and the place I bought my glasses says that they were manufactured correctly.

Which one is more likely to be wrong, based on my symptoms? I will either have a re-exam or have the glasses re-examined by an independent party depending on your answer.

Thank you for your time.

Hi Jimmy,
as long as the vision is clear, the Rx is probably correct.  The doctor prescribes for clear focus only.  the problem is that your vision has other characteristics like shape and size.  so you are noticing a distortion of shape and size.  this is due to the lens material, curvature of the lens, and lens thickness.  so your issue is probably with the lens maker.  have a discussion with them about the distortion, and ask about 'base curve' and lens material/index of refraction.  it is a common problem and requires some knowledge base and experience from a good optician. they are probably using 'stock' lenses and you aren't used to the effects. the parameters can be changed, but probably if you just wear the glasses your brain will adapt within days.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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