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    What is Central Serous Retinopathy(CSR)?Can it lead to RETINAL Hole problem,I am not meaning Macular Hole.
  Incidentally my brother (56 years)has suddenly got his vision impaired in right eye only without any prior symptom,OCT Test shows some thin accumulation of water in retina areas.Doctor has opined it as CSR which has no medication.THE PROBLEM GOES ON ITS OWN AFTER 3-6 MONTHS DURING WHICH REGULAR EYE CHECK UP WILL BE DONE.IF  IT DETERIORATES FFA(ANGIOGRAM)WILL BE DONE TO SEE THE LEAKAGE and processes like Laser may have to be taken up.MY QUESTION IS IF LEFT UNTREATED can it led to Retinal Hole like problem.Please opine how the vision can be restored.With thanks

In most cases CSR spontaneously resolves but may take as long as 3-6 months until the fluid buildup in the macula area dissipates . Usually no treatment is necessary , however in some cases, acetazolomide or laser therapy is prescribed.  Keep monitoring your vision with an Amsler Grid.  Hope this helps. Dr Berger  

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