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Distorted image exampl  
Hello Doctor -

Recently I started observing some distortion in my vision. I started noticing this when I got my new prescription glasses as part of routine eye examination. Prior to that I did not have this issue.I later on did re-exam with a different doctor and found that the prescription had left and right swapped. I now got it corrected and following is my latest Rx:
  Sphere Cylinder Axis
OD -3.00  +.50     090
OS -2.75  Sphere
Co-incidentally a month ago,I did hit my forehead (area between my eyebrows) hard against a table edge in my sleep. There was a small swelling and felt dizzy for a bit.

My problem is that any rectangular shaped objects such as computer monitors, browser windows would appear tapered from right to left such that the right hand side of the object looks bigger than left hand side.
i.e. the top horizontal line of the rectangular shaped objects seems to be slanting upwards from left to right resulting in a tapered effect. If I adjust my head/eye to see the top horizontal normal then the bottom horizontal line would seem to be slanting downwards from left to right. This kind of perception change would happen based on my orientation but majority of the times its the top horizontal line that would slant upwards.
I don't see the lines curving or wavy. It looks straight but just slants. I have attached an image( to describe my issue. I perceive rectangular shapes as shown in the image.

I am not sure what is going on here since this issue is happening irrespective of whether I wear glasses or not.
I would be grateful if you could let me know what is happening with my vision and what could be the possible cause. Please provide me some directions in order for me to find solutions to my problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Because you get this slanting and  visual distortion both with or without you're glasses I am inclined to believe it could be from your head trauma.  Check with a neurologist or neuroophthalmologist for a consult . Good luck.  Also have the base curves and lenses checked for warpage.  Dr Berger  

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