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Ophthalmology & Optometry/eye disorder and allergy stumble my career


I m suffering from eye allergy

but I have lot of eye blinking or squainting and also closing my eyes many times during talking

please check this 30 sec video to know what I mean

this disorder ll stumble my acting and modelling career

so I think I suffer this for my entire life specially late 15 years ,

so what the reason for that ?
how can I treat that ?


hello ao
I do not know,but eye sensitivities can cause increased blinking.  Things like blepharitis, dry eyes, bright lights (like the studio lights for videography) and even 'habit or tic' can cause squinting. if you find or suspect the cause, then you will have something to treat.
Sorry not to be of more help,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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