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Recently I had conjunctivitis in my right eye. I went to see an ophthalmologist who prescribed eye drops and eye ointment. A week later, I returned to the same clinic for the follow-up. This time I was seen by a different ophthalmologist. I had already completely recovered from my conjunctivitis but this second ophthalmologist told me to learn eyelid cleaning.

Under what circumstances is it necessary to clean one's eyelids ? Is eyelid cleaning a treatment or is it a preventive measure ? Is it done for only a certain period or is it a lifelong daily practice ?

Are there risks in cleaning one's eyelids e.g. introducing bacteria, damaging an eye ? What are the correct steps in cleaning a lower eyelid and an upper eyelid ( any link to a demo on the internet ?) ?

The doctor may have detected a blepharitis or some dry .and prescribed lid treatment. Lid cleansing is a prophylactic  to prevent possible  future infecions. it is very common .you can ask your doctor for directions on how to do it .often times we prescribe an antibiotic ointment on the eyelids to be used at bedtime and we prescribe lead hygiene and warm compresses  on the lids . Hygiene can include wiping the lids with a moistened Q-tip ,baby shampoo ,and warm compresses, or a soft washcloth or digital massage .  Good luck. Dr Berger  

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