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Dear Dr. Axelrod:

My prescription.
Sph= -6.00, Cyl= -1.00, Axis= 090, Prism1= 5.00Up,  Prism2= 1.00in, Add= 2.50

Sph= -6.25, Cly= 0.00, Prism1 5.00Dn, Prism2= 1.00in, Add=2.50

Progressive Lenses
Frames:  Seiko 145/48/18

In the past I have used Spectralite without any problems.  Currently I'm using a CR-39 product by Zeiss called SolaMax (1.50 index) but with a very good AR coating.  No real problems. But very expensive.

I'm usually plagued with poor lens grinding, optical centering error, pupil to lens distance or just poor fit....leading to multiple trips to the "office".

Because of my budget I'm considering a membership wholesale warehouse that is nationwide for my lenses.  They offer a high index lens with HD digital and AR coating that is a 1.67.   I believe this lens material has a abbe around 32(manufacturer unknown but rumored to be Essilor).

I'd like to decrease the thickness of my lenses, but don't want to sacrifice too much in clarity.  I'm wondering just how a difference in abbe would make based on the above information ?

I appreciate any advice.

Hi Mike,
with your rx, I would recommend you confirm with any shop ahead of time about redo/refund/timeframe policy.  It does make sense to go a shop that successfully worked with you and is willing to fix problems unless it was a bad experience and you had to be a pain in order to get satisfaction.  And also a doctor that is willing to troubleshoot rx/alignment/fit issues with you and your optician is important.  The lens you describe sounds like the Costco lens, which is a good lens for the money.  from any shop, your rx may be problematic and troublesome if issues arise. your rx is strong and the prism is strong and you will have aberrations of blur and color no matter what you get. Choose what you will and try the high index for thinness, but I think the bigger issue is the rx, fitment and alignment. Stay away from polycarbonate. CR39 is the best plastic but thick.  You can easily find an online chart of lens materials and abbe values but  since you adapted to prev rx's, I don't think the material is going to make a huge difference with all the power and prism oompared to a good fit, adjustment and rx.

Try to find a well trained and educated optician in a setting that allows for thorough care.

Thank you,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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