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Dear Sir,
In Aug.2005,NA Glaucoma was Diagnosed & since drops couldn't control IOP,Laser surgery was performed in Dec.2005.
Then in Mar/April2011,Phaco was perfromed.IOP in BEs is 14/16mmhg without any eye drops,so far!
In June,2014,I had watering from RE & repetitive infection occured.In May 2015,Abscess caused blockage of CanalIcular resulting in swelling & pain.
Plasic Surgeon performed surgery on 20th.to clear blockge & sincethen NO watering takes place.
I am fine with Vison with powered glasses.
Since 21st.Sept.I have severe haedache & vertigo.My BP is 120/80mmhg.on 25th.I take BP drugs since last 4years,as precaution, to combat against dialostic pressure monitored as 95/100mmhg.
I would also like to know whether there is any corelation between BP & Ocular perfusion pressure?
I read Ocular perfusion pressure in the eye,may cause some damage to optic nerves in Glaucoma patient.
Since I am on BP drugs-Atenolol-25mg & Amlodipine-2.5mg since last 4 years,does it make sense to result lower Ocular perfusion pressure for Headache/vertigo(when I get up from Lying position Only).
I don't know,how ocular pressure is measured,as my Ophthalmologist never checked so far.
Is there any other way to assess eye condition to overcome issue of headache.
Kindly respond as Physician is unable to ascertain the reason,except to prescribe Crocin-which gives temporary relief.
Thanking you.
with warm regards,"

Headache and vertigo are very unlikely related to any eye condition.
Ocular pressure, more correctly - intraocular pressure, is typically measured with goldmann applanation tonometry- a common standard of eye care. See the below link for information...
If you are being managed for glaucoma, they have surely done a test like this on you in the past.
Ocular perfusion is the dynamic between eye pressure and blood pressure - if the eye pressure is too high, or the blood pressure is too low, the balance is off and the optic nerve can have damage (glaucoma).
It sounds like you may need an ear or neurology consultation for the vertigo, I may talk to you doctor about options.
Good Luck!

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