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My 56 year old brother is suffering from Central Serous
Retinopathy(CSR).OCT has been done.Attending Doctor is saying that in 90% of cases this resolves on its own.In extreme case after FFA Angiogram Laser/PDT has to be done.No medicines have been given.
   Whether any eye based vitamins can be taken.Also the patient suffers from lack of adequate sleep.To avoid insomnia/reduce tension can any medicines  be taken.Please help with your suggestions .It is gathered that reduction of stress/adequate sleep is very important

ANSWER: You have a good understanding and have received good information. Usually happening in a stressful or anxious (type A) person it usually improves without treatment. Be patient, I know of no vitamins that help, but also none that could hurt. I agree with your assessment and hope he improves quickly.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

   I have one more question.CSR is PROBABLY caused by accumulation of sub retinal fluid.For a person suffering from blurred vision caused by  CSR change/increase in spectacle glass power may improve the vision acuity.But doctors refuse to increase the glass power ,TILL THE SUB RETINAL FLUID DRIES UP,probably with the idea that glass power may have to be altered again in no time.What is the harm in changing the power ,if it helps the patient.ULTIMATELY THE FINAL POWER WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE SUB RETINAL FLUID DRIES UP.Please help with an answer.With thanks

We usually beg some time and avoid prescribing because the change is typically small, like .5D, and the vision even with that change is not good and is unsatisfactory, not a big help. So wait it out and don't bother the doc or optician about it for now.  

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