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I age 60 have been wearing eye glasses since I was five years old.  I always go to the ophthalmologist and then I have my prescription filled at the local optical store.  I have been using the same optical store for 30 years to have them make my glasses.  However, twice the eye doctor screwed up my prescription - once ten years ago and then last year.  Stanley who is the owner of the optical store 10 years ago just made the prescription over without me going back to the eye doctor and it was fine.  Last year Stanley did the same thing but  now I am wondering if what Stanley did was the right thing to do or by Stanley doing that he could be causing harm to my vision and causing other effects on me.

Reason, I am asking is that I have to take off my glasses to read and there are other problems I am having.    

Just to let you know the two times it happened  had to use different eye doctors in the office - my regular eye doctor was not in.

Dear Debbie,

If it was the other doctor who gave you the wrong prescription, you go to your regular Ophthalmologist or Optometrist. Though Opticians do have good knowledge about spectacles but an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist do much more then just prescribing glasses.
As far as the need of taking off the glasses while reading is concerned it could be because you are myopic and using single vision glasses(Distance Rx only) If this is not the case then you should have your eyes tested again.


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