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Hi. Thanks for service . Tonight I was on my cell phone talking with a friend. Since it's past midnight the truth being I am very tired. Anyway, a film started on t.v and suddenly I noticed I was seeing the letters mirrored underneath faded!!! I thought it was the film so I changed the channel and again it happened. Is it eye fatigue or something else??

I was on my cell a lot and do feel my eyes tired but hadn't noticed that before.

Should I check it out??

39 fem hashimotos thyroiditis . Last eye exam a year ago .

hi Ton,
if rest and hydration help, it isn't a problem. sometimes it's due to lack of glasses. it sounds like a ghost image rather than a true double vision which would be more concerning. While thyroid could be involved with true double vision, your state of tiredness and faded second image is less worrisome. but if it persists tomorrow, then see the eye doctor.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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