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My wife underwent Trabeculectomy surgery 10 years ago & thereafter Phaco for Cataracts in BEs.She has overfiltration in RE with resulting pressure of 5/6mmhg.Her LE Iop is controlled at 14/15mmHg instilling Travatan once at night.
Since she had frequent problem of tearing,redness & pain in RE,Ophthalmologist performed Autologus Blood injection in RE.
Since last 3 years,these issues are more or less resloved.
Her VA is 6/9 & 6/18 to perform her daily activity at 70.
Periodic checks are continued thrice/year.
My question is do you anticipate vision deterioration on ageing with such state having substantial peripherial field loss?
Whether,you would recommend any precaution & if some vision-loss occurs,what are the treatment options?
I earnest request,with your experience,would you like to offer advise,for moral boost-up so as to subside her anxiety.

Kindly excuse details & reply.
With warm regards,while wishing you Merry Christmas & Happy new year-2016.

ANSWER: Your wife seems adequately controlled however the three or four times per year progress evaluations are extremely important to note any changes in her pressures, opting nerve and nerve fiber later function. The optic nerve assessment  (OCT scan), visual field, photos of the disk, and visual acuity will be regularly checked to see if her disease is progressing. Please understand that an IOp of 15 may be normal for one patient but not for another .  Dr Berger

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While I express my gratitude for your help,kindly inform me is any treatment option is available in view of ON-going Research in the field to protect Vision,if tests indicate some progress.

Thanking you,
warm regards,

Anil.  There is cinstant ongoing research for better and earlier diagnoses and treatment: improved medicines, surgery , laser, etc  but it seems your wife is getting good care.  If there are breakthroughs I'm sure your doctor will advise you, however only after it has been proven successful for thousands of patients  

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