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At 24 I have really poor distance vision (can't see more than 5 feet in front of me without glasses) and I fully blame being a live long bookworm for this. I do wear my glasses for reading and using the computer even though they are distance prescription (my doctor says its fine) In the last few months however I've noticed that I have a harder time with the computer and even books. If I'm on the computer I squint and move my head around a lot. If I'm reading a book a go between taking on and off the glasses. My vision isn't as clearly lately even reading books work doing computer work as it used to be but when I ask my doctor if I need reading glasses he brushes me off and says I'm fine to use what I have.
I've been told by some people (none doctors) that you should wear your distance for reading but I have all my life and now that I'm having trouble I wonder if my doctors has screwed up my eyes. I'm also wondering if maybe progressive lessened are my new necessity because my job requires me to do a lot of computer and book rendering.
Looking for a second opinion.

You're too young to use progressives unless you have a problem with your focusing (accommodative) system.  You might have that, it can be tested, but usually it's a problem of kids but you could be affected with so much close up work. sometimes you are just given mild reading glasses for the close work instead of troubling with eye exercise. one easy to do and usually helps exercise is, using your glasses, look at normal reading distance text and as soon as it's clear, look at a distant text target and as soon as it is clear look at the near target and repeat. don't switch gaze until it's clear, but switch as soon as it is clear. keep it up for at least 5 minutes, and do the exercise 5 times spread out through the day. it usually works within several days. if it doesn't just get mild readers. make sure you're well nourished, rested, and exercised, etc. as your issue can be symptoms of being tired, etc. Also be sure to not stare at your computer screen without breaks, make sure it is clean, without reflections, and not too bright.
Best of luck
Mitch Axelrod, OD.  

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