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Hi I'm currently being evaluated for Multiple Sclerosis.  I have an appt w/ a Neurologist coming up and also my eye doc.  Until then I was hoping you could answer my question.  My one eye has been twitching various times each day (just for a minute or two) for several months now (not stress related).  I was wondering if this could be and early sign Optic Neuritis which I know is a symptom of MS.  Also whenever I rub my eye or yawn it starts again (just for a minute) - which has me very curious.  thank you!

Approximately 50% of those afflicted with MS will contract optic neuritis- an eye disease which manifests itself with the reduction in vision , A reduction in color perception ,and eye pain especially on Eye movement . Eye twitching however is not necessarily a sign or'symptom of optic neuritis or multiple sclerosis. Hope this helps.  Dr Berger  

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