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Today I had my yearly eye exam. My contact prescription is now a -12.0 in both eyes. After talking with the optometrists we decided I needed to try a daily contact. I was wearing Acuvue Oaysis contacts with hydraclear plus, but my eyes were feeling dry before the two weeks were up (always felt fine immediately after putting in a new pair). I have a 5-day trial of Acuvue Trueye 1 day contacts. This type of 1-day was the only sample they had in my prescription, but the optometrists told me if these contacts did not work they would order other 1 day samples for me try in my prescription. I have only worn the new contacts for 5 hours but my eyes feel dry, sticky and itch. I do not know if that is left over effects of my eyes being dilated or caused by the contacts. How long should I give the 1-day contacts before calling the optometrist for a different type? I do have lots of problems with allergies in general. I do not know if my irritated eyes are due to the contacts or a drop that was put in my that I might be  allergic to. The new contacts did not feel as good on my eye even when first put in as a new pair of the Acuvue Oaysis always have. I am seeing great out of the new contacts even though my eyes are irritated and hurt a little bit.

Thank you!

Hi Annie,
There are a lot of variables in play.   
First, I would try the lenses a couple more days. The dialation drops can irratate the cornea.  
It may even be advisable to give your eye a one day breaks if you can.  Then try the lenses a few more days.  If the symptoms persist it is usually for one of two reasons.  The lenses are not a good match for your eye, or you may have eyes which are overly sensitive.  The Trueye lenses have Hydroclear which is basically silicone.  Silicone is a sticky and tacky substance.  My patients who have allergies (which can produce extra mucous in the eye), dry eye, wear make up etc often have a hard time with the silicone lense.  This is a bit of an oversimplification, but it is the best way for me to explain it.
In my office, if I determine silicone may be an issue, I will try the patient in the Acuvue 1-Day Moist. These lenses can be tolerated a bit better for sensitive patients.  My third choice is the Cooper Proclear one day.  If after trying all three, the patient is still having issues, we decide on which lenses are the "best" and just decrease the wearing time. Allergies are very tough; and allergy medications can make things even tougher.
Again, because of the dilation, I would give the lenses a chance.  Take a day off from the lenses to let your eyes "recover".  Try the Trueye a few more days and take it from there.
I sure hope this helps.
Dr Wojciak

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