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I am a healthy woman in my mid 50s.
9 months ago I had an eye exam for a new pair of my regular contac lenses.Long story short,at the exam that Eye Doctor mentioned I have the beginning of cataracts.I also went up a small amount in prescription.
Today,9 months later I went to a different Eye Doctor (and honestly I liked this office,Doctor and staff better.)The reason I went again was to try multifocal lenses.
(I just decided to see if that type of contac would be better for me rather than switching off every other minute to reading glasses on top of my old contacs.)
So far I LOVE the new multifocals.
This Doctor did not say one word that I have the beginnings of contacts.Everything was normal.
My question is it possible that they went away or nothing was there in the first place? With the multifocal exam it even seemed more involved that my last exam.More machines to look into
Thankyou for any words.

Hi Beth,

You probably do have 'the beginnings of early cataract'...Some doctors tell you sooner than others; It's a gradual process that goes on for decades before surgery.  If that's all the news they had, then lucky you there wasn't much to talk about. we all get cataracts, the ARE normal, period. When early/mild they don't bother much, maybe you've noticed more direct sun glare or night issues, but forget it. they don't go away or get better until you have surgery.

Now about machines: they're really nice, can help speed up the exam, but we really don't need them to do excellent glasses or contact lens work. In fact, many doctors are relying on them for accuracy they don't consistently have .  However, some of the more sophisticated ones for
retina or optic nerve imaging are invaluable and fantastic but not used for general eye exams.

Best of luck, keep the eyes lubricated

Mitch Axelrod, OD  

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