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Hi, i have myopia -3.75 and -4.00 in respective eyes, i have to go under auto refractor for medical exam. I am appearing for a army job, where only -3.5 is allowed, can anyhow i fool auto refractor so that it gives -3.5 number?

hi Rajpal,
While you can't 'fool' the autorefractor, the machine is often wrong and indeed over estimates one's myopia.  Because you know you're looking 'into a box' the focusing system within your eye often over reacts causing increased readings. also, it just isn't right most of the time.  It's close.  And you by your message are close also.  so at a minimum you want to paralyze the focusing system within your eye by having your eyes 'cyclopleged' while also dilate your pupils when you see the doctor. This might correctly reduce your numbers. as for yourself, you can practice: look, without glasses a meter away at some text and just let your brain try to relax the eye's focusing system, called 'accommodation', and see more clearly.
best of luck.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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