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I sometimes experience a minor double-vision (and I wear glasses). I think I experience more often when being a bit tired.
Could this be something important that needs a visit to an eye expert? I don't really experience any special problems with my vision.
Is the double-vision more due to tiredness or something in the vision centre of the brain?
I don't even experience difficulties play "target sports" that is due to vision (as far as I know. Do I even have a problem at all with my vision?

ANSWER: Hi Andrew,
The question is going to be if your eye alignment is changing or poor.  It may have always been a bit off but you aren't managing it as well as before.  Or it is changing or worsening.  Really the only way to know is to see an eye doctor and have them examine your eye movments and alignment. Yes it is common to have poorer control of alignment when tired, sick, drunk, etc. But because you've noticed a problem, it needs to be assessed.
Hope that helps,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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QUESTION: I have glasses but I'm neither short-sighted (myopia) nor long-sighted (hyperopia). What then is my diagnosis called? Is this common for people to have that?
I noticed that you have O.D. rather than M.D. so should I ask a GP or an eye specialist about my eyes? I understand that you go to a dentist to talk about teeth and not a GP. Is it the same with eyes?

Hi again,
look up the terms myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia.  These are the ways to be blurry. if you send your glasses' numbers I can tell you what you are or ask the person that prescribed your glasses. for eyes you can talk to optometrists=OD or ophthalmologists that are MD w/ eye training after medical school. ODs are like dentists DDS or podiatrists DPM in that they examine and treat but are not MD's. generally optometrists are more general and ophthalmologists do surgery and can specialize in certain parts of the eyes like retina or cornea or ocular tumors.

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