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I am 37yrs and I went to get a routine eye exam but my Left eye couldn't focus even after the Dr added .75 to my current Rx. He dilated my eyes and noticed white spots on both my eyes but not in the center.  He was not sure why I continued to see blurry.  He also performed Amsler Grid test which I couldn't see the corners and I saw the lines curved. I went back and they did an optical tomography exam but the technician didn't dialate my eyes and made a remark about having a glare in my eyes which is associated to having procedures done. I have never had any procedures on my eyes and I've worn glasses/contacts for 25yrs. I've had no diagnosis other than I'm near sighted . Could I really have macular degeneration? I'm still waiting for optometrist to give me results.  Should I seek an appointment with an ophthalmologist?

Having issues with the macula and actual macular degeneratioon are 2 different things.  If you have any unexplained vision loss and the macula is involved, you most assuredly need to see an MD somewhere down the road. Sooner than later.
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