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My contact prescription is OS -10.00(toric) and OD -0.75(regular).  My glasses prescription is OS -13.00 and OD -0.75.  Is it unusual to have such a large power difference -10 to -13? This is the first time with a toric in the "bad" eye.  I didnt' know if the toric was the difference. I just had my prescriptions finalized and was wondering before ordering contacts and glasses.  Thank you for your time.

Hi Jackie,
Some of your information is incomplete.  But if your question is my glasses have a -13 and my contacts a -10 somewhere in the Rx, yes this could me normal.  Because the contacts are right on the eye, and glasses fit off the eye, the prescription power in the contacts is usually equal to or lower than the glasses.  
I hope this helps,
Dr. Mike

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