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I seem to have developed a small white dot on the top of my iris. It doesn't hurt but feels like my eye is dry. After reading some things online, it seems to be a contact lense induced red eye. It says to stop wearing contacts and see my eye care physician. Is this an emergency where I need to go to the ER as it is a Saturday or is this something that can be treated on Tuesday when my eye doctor is available?
Thank you

Hi Priscilla. The iris is the colored part, inside the eye. Do you mean it is on the top of th cornea, where the contact lens rests?
If you have an ulcer, it can be quite serious. And needs to be checked ASAP. The only way to know how serious it may be is to have a Dr. check you.  If that means the ER so be it.
At least they can prescribe you the appropriate medication for it to begin healing rather than get worse.
I hope this helps,
Dr. Mike

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