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I hope you are good. I am Khawaja Omar from Lahore, Pakistan. Sir, I'm having an issue with my recently prescribed glasses. Sir about 8 years ago I had an injury in my right eye. doctor diagnosed (Re Conj. Hemorrhage, Corneal Abrasion and Traumatic Uveitis. Doctor gave me medication for it and it healed up in about 2-3 weeks. at that time he recorded my visual acuity as 6/12 RE and 6/6 LE.

Sir, since then I never cared for my eyes and never went to the doctor for eye sight checkup meanwhile. Now after 8 years I started to feel that my right eye's sight is blurred (near and distance both). when I put my hand on right eye, I see clear. and when I put hand on my left eye, I cant see anything clear (near and distance both). its all very blurry and out of focus. and with both eyes opened, I can see clearly and thats because I suppose my brain is habitual of getting image from left eye which is also my dominant eye. Now last week before going to the doctor I did some research on the internet and I got an idea that I am having astigmatism in right eye. to get it more clear and have a cure for it, I visited the doctor on 22.06.2015.

The Doctor checked my eyes through auto refractor and subjective refraction. and he also checked my eyes through a machine which was connected to a led screen. after checking he diagnosed Anisometropia and Hypermetropia in Right eye. on the prescription chart he prescribed in distance column: {(right eye) sph+1.75, cyl+1.25, axis 15, VA 4/18}
{(left eye) sph= nil, cyl=+0.75, axis 180, VA 6/6.}

Sir, during the subjective refraction exam, doctor managed to completely neutralize the error in my left eye and I could read everything very sharply. but in right eye, though it got better with powers he added, but not not fully and completely naturalized. for this the doctor said that "your eye will get exercised with the glasses I have prescribed and will get better eventually".

Sir, I got the glasses made very next day and I also got them rechecked from the doctor and one other optician shop. they said glasses are made accurately according to the prescription.

Now the problem is that when I wear these glasses, my combined vision of both eyes (with glasses on) is kind of blurry, fuzzy, bit mixed up or you can say confusing image with a bit strain at the back of my eyes. and with glasses on, when I cover right eye, I see everything perfect and sharply focused and distinct. and when I cover my left eye, I see as clear as during that subjective eye exam (far better than without glasses). Sir I cant understand that why I am having blurred, mixed up and indistinct vision with both eyes (glasses on). although everything gets clear and focused when I cover either eye.

Sir please tell me how can I resolve this issue. I went to the doctor again and told him everything as it is and he just said you'll have to get used to with the glasses in about 10 days. Sir but I am not satisfied as I cant walk, cant focus and cant drive with these glasses on as combined vision from both eyes is unfocused and fuzzy.

Sir please help me with this issue. kindly tell me what is actually causing it and should I keep on wearing these glasses or not?

I will anxiously await your kind reply. Thank You.

Khawaja Omar.

ANSWER: hi Khawaja,
I am not sure why your best acuity right eye is 4/18,  there is either an optical problem with your eye not correctable with glasses, or there is a problem with your retina or visual system. In any event, without glasses it is easy for your brain to ignore the right eye, but with glasses it is trying to merge the two eyes' images, one being perfect and the other not good. your brain will adapt if given time, but it is up to you to decide if it is worth it.  there will be no future health or neurological difference due to glasses use or non-use. In any case, I warn and urge you to protect the eyes, and wear glasses or safety glasses all your life.
Mitch Axelrod,OD

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sir thanks alot for the reply. So please tell me which glasses should I use? should I continue with these ones? will my mind start correcting the combined image in some days with these glasses? yes you are right my right eye's error was not completely neutralizable with subjective refraction so the doctor prescribed the nearest best power. and also tell me what other option I have to completely neutralize the right eye's error?
Thank You.
Kindest regards,
Khawaja Omar

Hello again,
looking through perfectly accurate glasses does not mean you an see perfectly, as there are other reason for the poor image perception. Wear whichever glasses you want; generally you want to solve a problem or complaint about your vision , but I wearing glasses doesn't help, then there is no reason to use the prescription, but be sure to wear glasses for safety.
Thank you,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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