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Eye swelling
Eye swelling  
Hello. Earlier this morning my 10month old poked me in the eye. In the mirror I can see an abrasion on the cornea. It is extremely watery and painful. Now, it is very red and my eyelid is swelling. I took Aleve and applied Tobradex (I had it from a sty a year ago) but it isn't getting better. I really don't want to see an eye doctor but I don't want more problems either. Should I continue the tobradex?

Hi Bridget,
You should not use the tobradex until the corneal surface is healed as it has a steroid that can worsen an infection if the tobramycin doesn't cover it. If you have an antibiotic only ointment or drop that isn't a combination drop containing a steroid you can use that. Generally the abrasion should heal quickly in a day or two. Aleve is fine for the pain and can help the inflammation. if the eye becomes worse instead of better, or if you have light sensitivity, you certainly need the doctor.
Thank you,
Mitch Axelrod

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