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Do daily contacts focus your eyes differently than longer use contacts? I typically wear BioFinity, a month-long contact, and I just got a stronger prescription. It took a few days to get used to it, especially at work in front of my computer, but it is fine now.
However, I am testing some daily contacts, and thinking about ordering a 30 day supply to use for vacations so I don't have to take cleaning solution. The prescription is exactly the same as my BioFinity contacts, but after two days, I am still having trouble focusing, especially in front of my computer.
Since the prescription is the same, I am just wondering what is going on. I could order the daily contacts in my old prescription for comfort's sake, but I worry about them being blurry. No one wants to spend a vacation squinting! Unfortunately, at my power (-6.0 was my old, -6.5 is my new), I have been told by my doctor that prescriptions no longer come in quarter steps, so -6.25 is out of the question.

I am just not sure if perhaps my eyes will adjust to the dailies or if they do actually focus differently than my normal contacts.


My suggestion is to try a trial pair of daily disposable lenses in your previous prescription -6 .00 to see if your visual comfort and focus on the computer is better -also keep in mind that  the optics with each brand of contacts may be different so clarity and comfort with
One brand doesn't necessarily mean you'll be clear and comfirtable in another brand or desigN. That's why a take home trial pair is alwAys a good idea prior to
Purchasing a whole bunch of contact lenses .   You didn't indicate your age but if you're between 38 and 45 increasing the power for a nearsighted correction will make it that much more difficult comfortable at the Nearpointrange You didn't indicate your age but if you're between 38 and 45 increasing the power for a nearsighted correction will make it that much more difficult comfortable at the nearpount range. hope  this helps. Dr Berger

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