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My son just got his new glasses in and is complaining that he can't see as well with these than the old pair. It seems to me that his prescription changed drastically, would you please confirm that it did & is it okay for him to go with this new prescription?

Old 2014: right sphere  0.0 cylinder -2.25 axis 100
         left  sphere  0.5 cylinder -3.25 axis 90
New 2015: right sphere -2.50 cylinder +2.50 axis 20
         left  sphere -2.75 cylinder +2.50 axis 170


Traci. Your son has quite a bit of astigmatism and the prescription change from his old to his new Rx is primarily a shift in the axis -where every degree of change can be critical.  If he says he's blurry have him rechecked  you didn't mention his age as his responses are critical often times to the final result . Another possibility is that the prescription he got is indeed accurate and there's a window of adaptation time of about a week but I would have him rechecked or get another opinion. By the way the prescriptions appear vastly different but one is written in plus cylinder form and the other is in minus cylinder form but the main difference again is the axis.   Hope this helps.  Dr Berger  

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