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Ophthalmology & Optometry/How much of a difference does an eye topography scan make for gas permeable contact lens?


Eye Topo from 2011
Eye Topo from 2011  
Is it worth getting a scan, or not really? I'm thinking about switching from soft contacts and glasses to gas permeables. In the picture included, those are how my eyes looked back in 2011.

I have soft contact lens right now, but have started wearing glasses mostly for the last couple of years. It used to be that I'd hardly ever wear glasses. However, I went from absolutely no astigmatism to 3-4 diopeters of astigmatism in each eye in less than a year. Even with contacts on, my left eye is usually blurry, and my right eye goes from clear to blurry, and so forth (toric lens). Anyway, I'm thinking of trying out gas permeables, to see if they help me see better. I'm wondering how much of a difference an eye topography scan would help in getting custom fit lens? Would it make much of a difference, or not really?

The reason I ask, four years ago I went in for one of those free "see if you're a candidate for lasik" scannings. They said I have a mild case of pallucid marginal degeneration. They said they couldn't tell my eye is irregularly shaped just by looking at it visually, but the eye topography can tell. It wasn't too bad, but still there. that's where I got this picture.

I could pay $85 to get a Costco eye exam and get gas permeables right away, or go to a specialty place which has eye topography equipment? The problem is, the eye specialty place is backed up until December, which feels like too much time to wait if the topography won't really do much.

Instead of having to wait 3-4 months for an appointment , why not call other doctors for an earlier one? Secondly, corneal topography is a very useful tool to determine where your astigmatism is , ie. The exact location, severity , and to see if it's irregular or the beginning of kerataconus  or other corneal issues , especially if it occurred rather suddenly.  Hope this helps. Dr Berger  

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