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I self diagnosed myself with dry eye years ago. Today i final went to the doctor for new glasses. He noted redness and the stain he did showed positive. He says yes i do have dry eye and a partial blink. Then he gave the Rx and left. He never talked about how to manage my dry eye. I told him I do use drops daily, never mentioned what kind. Do you think it's just so mild it's not a concern or did he forget? If i had some stain up take then i would need treatment? He gave me contacts to try. Tho, said I'm probably not a good canadit.
Thank you

I can't possibly tell you what your doctor is thinking but if you are showing staining of the cornea or conjunctiva, and have symptoms like burning, tearing,irritation,Scratchiness, gritty , light sensitivity etc then you should be treated. Treatment plans consist of artificial tears like Systane, Tears Natural, Refresh Optive, Theratears etc, antiinflammatory eye drops like steroids,  tear producing eye drops, puntal plugs,  ointments,  warm compresses, and so on .  Hope this helps
Dr Berger  

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