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Hi - I was experiencing general eye twitching in one eye (when I sneeze or yawm) and also seeing my pulse in bottom left corner of same eye - also not constant but ver often).  No pain but had it checked anyway.  Eye doc said everything ok.  
A couple months later I woke up with double vision in the same eye. A little pressure - not too bad. Had eye exam, visual field and OCT scan.  All tests negative.  I was told that because I did not have double vision when I covered the bad eye that there was no major concern.  I'm baffled and not sure of next steps.  So I now have three issues in same eye: twitching, seeing my pulse and double vision.  What further testing could reveal the cause?  FYI my primary doc did cbc and blood pressure and all was fine.
I'm hoping you could help with this puzzle. thank you for volunteering your time.

Twitching can often be eliminated with Botox.  If double vision is just in one eye ( monocular diplopia) get a corneal topography to see if there's corneal irregularity and try a rigid gas permeable contact Lens to see if it eliminates the problem. Talk to your  doctor.    Good luck. Dr Berger

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