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A year ago I (age 60) went to an eye doctor.  I was given a new prescription for glasses. When it was filled and I put the eyeglasses on the prescription was too strong. So instead of getting re-examined the owner of the eye glass store made me new lenses less strong.

The entire year I felt very queasy is this due to the fact that I may be wearing glasses that are not made for my vision.

I have to take off my glasses when I am reading and sewing, and similar activities.

It sounds like you're on eyeglass prescription is not suitable for you . my recommendation is that you get rechecked by either the same doctor or another doctor and if you are over 40 and are nearsighted with or without astigmatism ,you will see better when you take your glasses off for reading, paperwork computer work, sewing etc. unless you wear Bifocal or progressive lenses that will enable you to see distance, intermediate ,and close up with one pair of glasses without having to take them off .I hope I clarified that for you.  Dr Berger

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