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I am a 20 year old female who hasn't previously had optical problems but recently i find driving at night to be quite difficult. I find that on coming traffic headlights are very distracting and tend to have a halo that has lines coming out of it almost like spokes on a wheel. Also the rear lights of cars infront of me tend to blur together while i drive and this is very disconcerting as i think there are lots of cars ahead when there aren't, instead the lights have just blurred together. However during the day my eyesight seems to be rather normal.

Hi what you are experiencing is quite normal .it can be caused by a number of things. at night your pupils dilate giving you more distortion and more glare and can make any mild astigmatism or myopia more apparent and significant .my suggestion is to get a complete eye examination to see if you have any of the above  conditions .there are eyeglasses that can be prescribed for night driving with antiglare and antireflective coating's to minimize the light starburst effect from headlights that you're experiencing.  also cataracts can contribute to your symptoms - so definitely get it checked out  .  Good luck. Dr Berger  

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