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I've always been extremely near-sided. I started wearing contacts in my 20's and the right eye was close to a -11 and the left was about -9. Then in my 40's, I needed reading glasses and started to need less and less power in both eyes, it went the other direction and I'm told that's normal. Now I'm 64 and recently had an eye exam and the Rx for is down to -8.50 in the right and 5.25 in the left. Does there come a point where it will stop going in that direction and level off, or do the eyes continue to get less and less near-sided with each passing year, no matter how old?  Thanks

Hi Lee,
As long as you're not a diabetic, no worries. you may actually become more nearsighted again as cataracts become denser: a normal change with age as well.  But typically we don't care about the numbers as long as with some number you see well or as expected.
Thank you,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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