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My mom is 91 and in good health. Her eyesight has been deteriorating. She has AMD and possibly cataracts. Her doctor tells her their is nothing he can do because of her age and that she will go blind. She is hesitant to see another doctor. My dad had lasic surgery in his late 80's and it worked great. Is this true about her being too old? I feel helpless and don't want to see her go blind. Any help you can give me will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

hi Dave,
At 91 your mom certainly has cataracts, probably significant ones. And apparently also has amd. If the amd isn't bad enough to require injections or laser, that is good news; the issue is trying to determine how much vision loss is due to each problem. If a surgeon does feel that she is a good risk, then maybe do it and have the other eye as a spare if it doesn't go well.

the big question is 'how is she doing?' and is her vision making her a fall risk or otherwise interfering with ability to accomplish her activities of daily living. It may be good to hear the surgical considerations from another surgeon.

91 is certainly old, but eye surgeons do them. There is a laser called 'femtosecond' that can help soften the lens to make it easier to remove, so ask if the surgeon (or find one) that uses that device. Also consider if both eyes are equally bad or is one so bad she is relying only on one eye which is now very bad and makes surgeons more nervous. You didn't explain her visual ability at present, so it really depends on how she is doing.

It also depends how your mom feels about surgery as sometimes elderly don't want to do anything that isn't needed as they have other issues to contend with. In that case, she waits until her vision is so poor she has nothing to lose.

Best of luck to you mom, I hoped that helped.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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