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Dr. Berger,
My mom is 91 years old and in good health. Her eyesight is getting bad. She has AMD and I think possibly cataracts. Her doctor told her there is nothing he can do because she is too old and that she will go blind eventually. My dad wants too take her to another doctor but she doesn't want to go. My dad had laser surgery in his late 80's and it worked out fine. I have never heard of anyone being "too old" and is this true? Thank you for any help you can give me, this is very distressing.

You didn't indicate if your mom has dry or wet AMD. In either case, the treatment
Is different.  Besides antioxidant/ vitamin nutritional support, protection from sun, and diet rich in green leafy vegetables, if mom is losing vision and finds it difficult to read or watch TV , she can undergo a low vision work up to see if high
Powered Lenses would be beneficial . Additionally, large print books , magazines, newspapers may help  

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