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I purchased a pair of purple plastic frames with plastic lenses, anti glare coating, and ground down shi that my thick Rx would fit better. They had rainbows all around the frames. They sent the glasses back to the lab. They put in new lenses and skipped on polishing.

But, I still have rainbows along the top of the frames. The store said they cannot do anything else. I cannot have a refund. My only option is to choose different frames from their stock that will fit my lenses.

Is there really nothing else the lab can do to remove the rainbows? The rainbows are completely gone along the bottom. I feel like they are screwing me:/

Thank you!

Hi Samantha,
I am not clear about the source of the reflections. if the lenses are out of the frame and you still see the reflections, then it is due to either the (cheap or defective) antireflection coating or the lens itself. Some poor quality lenses, especially polycarbonate, produce rainbow defects.  If it merely a reflection of the purple frame on the lens, then that's that. The lenses edges, if that is the problem, can be painted black to eliminate edge reflections.
I hope that helps you figure out the cause, but I can't help you with poor customer service.
Thank you,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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