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I have had myopia(c. -2.5 in each eye) since the age of 9. I am now 42 and have decided to pay for orthokeratology contact-lenses. The idea being to wear them at night so that they reshape the cornea and allow me to see perfectly during the day. I had read about the negligible  side-effects involved and was looking forward to the whole business. The trouble is that I went for my first "fitting" session and thought it would be easy. It wasn't! It took me 5 or 10 minutes to fit the first contact-lens into my right eye, and I was unable, after a full hour, to put the 2nd contact-lens into my left eye. The ophthalmologist simply told me to practise for 10 minutes a day until my next session next week. I have to prise my upper eyelid at the outer end with the thumb of my left hand, while using the middle finger of my right hand to move the lower eyelid down and then insert the contact-lens over the pupil. I kept on failing to insert it into the eye or, worse, inserting it in the area of the eye nearest the nose. I had no idea contact-lenses were so difficult to put on. I had expected the lens to be much bigger with me just having to slip the top bit into the upper eyelid and then slipping the bottom bit into the lower eyelid. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated! I have considered other methods such as LASIK/PRK but there are so many reported side-effects for those and I absolutely hate wearing glasses(I can still read and watch TV  without them, thank god). Thanks!

You must maintain control of the lids, otherwise you'll fail. for the right eye, try reaching over your head with the left hand and pinning your eyelashes to the brow bone with the middle finger, then lowering the lid with the right hand's thumb and placing the lens on with the index finger. make sure the finger/lens interface isn't too wet and that the inside of the lens has a small drop of fluid.  also you must see what you're doing, so be sure to maintain the open eye's fixation  or else your eyes will wobble and you'll just stab yourself.
Best of luck
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