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I have had difficulty wearing transition bifocals.  They give me horrible headaches.  I had an idea and wondered if it would be possible.  Recently there have been flip up glasses with two lenses.  The sunglasses are on the outside.  My idea was to replace the lenses in these.  Make the first lenses reading and the flip up lenses for distance (when the are flipped down).  I know you'd have to combine these two lenses to get the prescription for distance.  But would that be possible?  If so, what method would you use to determine the correct lens for the outer lens, based on the reading glass prescription and distance prescription?

it's possible mathematically, you'll need to see an optician and discuss the practicality and frame size/limitations. it will be heavy and I wouldn't want it on my nose. but it can be done and the math is easy. the optician should be able to figure it out but if not I can help once you find out if it is a real possibility and want to move forward.
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