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I've recently been prescribed glasses for the first time for slight short sightedness and astigmatism.

I was specifically told to wear the glasses for concentration tasks like driving, pc use and watching tv.

After a few days I was really struggling to get used to the glasses, specifically the ground seemed really close and felt kind of 'spaced out'. My optician told me it would take a few days to get used to which is fair enough. I returned to the optician because I was getting headaches whilst working on my work pc and they re-tested me, checked the glasses and my prescription and insisted all was fine.

I'm still getting the spaced out and close floor feeling. My question is in two parts. Should I wear the glasses all the time to get used to them? Secondly, how long should I expect for the adaption period to take?

My prescription is:

  SPH   CYL      AXIS
R -1.00  +1.25    147.5
L -0.75  +1.25    50



Hi Andy,
the distortion of space and shape is due to the astigmatism and power of the lenses and the position (tilt and distance)of them before the eyes. make sure the lenses are as close to the eyes as possible without the frame rubbing skin. wear them when you want the improved acuity, but not needed for walking around or even diving if you feel you see well. sitting and looking should be good as opposed to moving/walking. it is true you can get used to it or anything. you didn't state your age but if you are 40 or more you may need a bit of close up power as well. Adustment of the frame and lens position make solve the problem.
hope that helps,
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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