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I'm 38 years old and I recently got prescribed my first pair of glasses. The prescription was:

        SPH     CYL    AXIS
R        -1.0    +1.25  148
L        -0.75   +1.25  50

I went back to the prescriber because I just couldn't tolerate the astigmatism correction. A +0.50 reading addition was added to one of my two pairs of glasses, but headaches when using a PC got worse.

Eventually, I got a second opinion and it was suggested my prescription be reduced to:

        SPH     CYL    AXIS
R        -0.50   +0.75  148
L        -0.25   +0.75  50

With this prescription, each SPH was reduced by a further 0.25 for PC use.

I'm finding driving, TV and PC use much better now, but when I try to walk around with the glasses on (either pair)everything is still really distorted, like viewing things under water, if that makes sense. Things straight in front of me are fine though and much sharper.

So, my questions are:

1) Could I theoretically remove the astigmatism correction altogether?
2) Should I only be using the glasses for concentration tasks, or for general use only?

Thanks so much for your time.


of course you could eliminate the cylinder for astigmatism, and it would just not be as clear.  this is how it is for you usually without glasses and you are used to it. the problem is the axis of your cylinder is oblique, not vertical or horizontal and it adds a skew distortion to everything. you're not used to it and may be the  source the problem. the glasses do add detail, though. You could get used to the weirdness by walking around in them and keeping them on for a few days. or you could just put them on for tv and computer and even driving but not walking. check with the optician that the glasses are fitting close to the eye and almost touching the cheek, as even small adjustments trying to get the lenses close to the eye can help a lot.
Mitch Axelrod, OD

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